Kindred Admit, Discharge & Census Tracker

1. Ideally you should be filling out “today's” tracker form “today”. If you were to use the tool this afternoon you should enter today’s date ( ) in the “Reporting Date” field.

2. It is acceptable to resubmit data if there were changes that occurred after your original submission. It is never too late to resubmit with the admit tracker.

3. Enter data for all weekdays (M-F, five submissions a week). A zero in any of the fields is an acceptable entry.

4. Do not enter MTD data. Data should only be for the reporting date selected.

5. Do not attempt to make up for missed submissions by adding 'extra' to today's entry.

COVID-19 Changes

Current ARU Bed Count *
Enter the number of beds at your facility that are in operation and available to accept ARU patients. Do not subtract for ARU patients currently occupying beds.

For example, if your facility typically has 20 ARU beds in service, but had to close 5 because of a nursing cap, you would enter 15 in this field, regardless of your current census count.
Bed Count Exception *
If applicable, enter the reason for a decrease in total bed count, otherwise select "No Exception". Your current total bed count may be viewed here: Database Link
Host Hospital Total Census *
Enter today's final total census count for the host hospital. Not to be confused with the Projected Midnight Census, which is just for your rehab unit.


Your Name *
Enter your full name here (Ex. John Smith)
Facility ID *
Reporting Date (Mon-Fri) *
Enter the date that corresponds with your recorded data (usually today)
Admits *
Enter today's admits
Discharges *
Enter today's discharges
Projected Midnight Census *
Enter today's final census count
Pending *
Enter today's referrals in progress

Planned Admits & Discharges

Planned Admits *
Enter tomorrow's planned admits
Planned Discharges *
Enter tomorrow's planned discharges
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